Money Monday: Faith Driven Investing & Giving

Imagine...putting money into a donor advised fund, which gives you the tax deduction right away, and then having those dollars invested in companies that 1. are faith compatible and 2. that offer a good rate of return. Talk about good stewardship & generous giving!

Steve Lewis of L&A Capital Advisors and Alanna Linden of National Christian Foundation join me in-studio.

I broke "the law" today...on air!

The IRS says that people like me...people that run tax exempt organizations (like churches)...are not allowed to openly endorse candidates. Oops. I talked about challenging that law as a guinea well as Planned Parenthood's remarkably trashy sex ed for a 15-year old girl (I played the clip)...and tie all of that to Christians in Mosul, Iraq who have had a red "N" placed on their homes, marking them as followers of Jesus the Nazarene. Could that be in OUR future? You bet.