From Homeless Drug Addict to Christ Following Multimillionaire

Bob Williamson's life went bad at the age of 5...drinking by 12...addict by name it. After a horrific car wreck he awoke to find himself in a charity hospital under the care of a wonderful Christian woman named Lydia.

Since those dark days, Bob has started and sold numerous companies and is a warrior for evangelism and the Great Commission. The hoodlum who had no hope is now a soldier for the One who brings Hope.

2.6M Muslims in America

There are over 2.6 million Muslims in America these days...but are we talking to any of them? Getting to know them? Sharing the love of Christ with them and his offer of salvation?

Dr. Ant Greenham from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary joins me to help equip us to engage Muslims effectively, respectfully, and compassionately with the hopes of sharing the Good News with them (and how).

Bible study...outside of your church.

Is it possible to really advance in your faith without an on-going, diligent study of God's Word? Is your Sunday morning class and sermon enough? A good athlete needs on-going training and conditioning...and so does a Christian.

Johnny Evans has been leading a bible study for the past 18 years...and the past three years have been co-ed with his wife, Beth...and he joins me today to talk about the need for bible study outside the context of your regular church attendance.

Check out the Mixed Monday Night Bible Study in Raleigh by clicking here. This year's study is of the Parables of Jesus so be sure to come out on 9/8 or 9/15 for open registration!