Glenn Beck is DANGEROUS.

I'm with him 75% of the time. He sure loves America and knows his history. He's fighting against liberalism and progressivism. He's entertaining, informative, and entertaining. He also claims to be reaching 50 million people per month...and THAT is a huge problem.


Because Glenn Beck is a member of a false religion - Mormonism - and he's starting to promote that religion more aggressively these days.

So...what's more important: Nationalism or Evangelism?

Cage Match: The States vs. The Federal Gov't

Article V of the U.S. Constitution gives the STATES the ability to come together to propose and then ratify amendments to the U.S. Constitution...amendments that would rein in it's massive abuse of power & restore some sanity to this nation...and a movement is afoot to do just that.

Convention of the States is the movement that is working to make this happen so on today's show I gave a short civics lesson on Federalism (Fed power vs. State power) and then we spoke to NC Lt. Governor Dan Forest followed by Mike Farris, the Director of the Convention of the States movement.

Mike is also the President of Patrick Henry College as well as the Homeschool Legal Defense Fund.

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Mocking Muhammad + Doubting the Exodus

The Charlie Hebdo folks are at it again, today...and we all agree they have a right to do it...but should they?  Better, yet...should a Christian ever mock Muhammad?

Also...I just watched Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus...a documentary that looks at the archaeological evidence for and against the Exodus. This is an INCREDIBLE documentary and it is playing across the country next Monday, January 19th for ONE NIGHT ONLY! Check out the website here.

She left him...then she wanted to come back?

Juana Mikels had only been married for two years when she left her husband...but after becoming a Christian, she wanted to come back home. Would he take her back?

Choosing Him All Over Again is an incredible story of sin, confession, repentance, and reconciliation...ans a story every married person should read...especially if your marriage is on the rocks.

From The Pulpit to The Hill

Congressman-Elect Mark Walker (NC-6) joins me today to discuss his journey from ministry into the world of politics...and what he is hoping to do when he arrives in D.C. next week.

Do YOU pray for those in authority over us according to 1 Timothy 2:1-4??? Visit my my friend's at Capitol Commission here and sign-up for a daily email that will give you 6 or 7 elected officials to pray for each day!