I broke "the law" today...on air!

The IRS says that people like me...people that run tax exempt organizations (like churches)...are not allowed to openly endorse candidates. Oops. I talked about challenging that law as a guinea pig...as well as Planned Parenthood's remarkably trashy sex ed for a 15-year old girl (I played the clip)...and tie all of that to Christians in Mosul, Iraq who have had a red "N" placed on their homes, marking them as followers of Jesus the Nazarene. Could that be in OUR future? You bet.

Moving our sons from boyhood to Manhood...

"I will always conduct myself as a gentleman, live pure, speak truth, right wrong and follow the King."

Imagine if that became YOUR son's motto?

Alan Hahn is the Chief Educational Officer at Iron Academy in Raleigh, NC and they stress "Rites of Passage" for their young men to enable them to move from boyhood to manhood. He joined me today to unpack that incredibly important philosophy.

Money Monday w/Steve Lewis

The DOW hit 17,000 for the first time last week...but GDP was down a whopping 2.9% in the first quarter??? It's getting harder and harder to make good investment decisions...my friend & Christian brother Steve Lewis of L&A Capital Advisors is here to help us.

Please give Steve a call TODAY at (919) 573-6052 for a FREE Morningstar analysis & consultation regarding the health of your investment portfolio.

Theology Thursday: Life in the Body of Christ

Ephesians 5 calls us to be imitators of Christ...a pretty tall order, to say the least. We have the Holy Spirit...but we also have the Body of Christ. Today on Theology Thursday we talked about the need for an effective engagement of the Body in all of it's diversity in order to become more Christlike. Walter Strickland of Southeastern Baptist was my guest. He's an Instructor of Theology and Special Advisor to the President for Diversity.

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

The Bible says YES...but the question remains: How do we do that with love, especially when we are disagreeing? Today's show is based on a Facebook post on my wall last week that brought out some pretty nasty assumptions. With the proliferation of social media, our lack of love in dealing with one another is on public display...so what kind of impression are we making?

Kelli Blackmon of Edge 3 Ministries was part of the Facebook dialog and wrote a great blog post in reaction to it...and she joined me on the air to discuss it.